Discarded Phalanx Core: Location, WoW Shadowlands


In World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion, the Discarded Phalanx Core dungeon was introduced. This exclusive dungeon is a hard mode version of The Great Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, and it features many powerful enemies. If you’re looking to level your Priest character quickly, this is the dungeon for you!

The Discarded Phalanx Core

The Discarded Phalanx Core is a powerful artifact located in the Shadowlands in World of Warcraft. The player must first find the entrance to the Shadowlands, then navigate their way through the dark, hostile environment and fight their way to the core. Once they reach it, they must place it back on its pedestal before descending back into the darkness.

Location: Shadowlands

Discarded Phalanx Core was found in the Shadowlands, in a location players will want to avoid if they want to remain alive.

The core is located on a small hill overlooking a small ravine. . Players who venture near will likely be attacked by mobs of spiders and scorpions.

The core can be looted for an item called the Phalanx Core Augment, which increases damage done by player-controlled pets by 25%.

Location: Shadowlands
Location: Shadowlands

Level Range: 20-80

Discarded Phalanx Core: Location, WoW Shadowlands

The Phalanx Core is an important object in the game and its discarding has many people outraged.

Players who find and bring it to someone else risk losing their rewards.

Many people are wondering why someone would dump such an important object in the middle of the game. There are many theories flying around and no one seems to have a definitive answer. Whatever the reason for the discarding, it’s sure to cause some trouble for those who find it

Strategy: General Tips

-In general, try to find a position on the battlefield where you have line of sight to all your enemies.
-If possible, try to place yourself in an area that will allow you to easily retreat if needed.
-Take advantage of terrain features and cover to your advantage.
-Use cooldowns and abilities strategically in order to maximize their effectiveness.
-Use burst damage abilities and cooldowns to break through enemy lines.

Strategy: Talents and abilities

One of the most important things to consider when gearing up for a World of Warcraft encounter is what talents and abilities you should be using. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best talent and ability choices for defeating specific encounters in the Shadowlands raid instance.

However, some general tips on choosing talents and abilities can be helpful.

When fighting bosses in the Shadowlands raid instance, use talents that increase your damage output or help you survivability. For example, if you’re using a melee class, use talents that give you increased attack speed or critical strike chance. If you’re using a ranged class, use talents that increase your damage dealt from afar or help reduce your enemy’s defenses.

Also be sure to take advantage of abilities that help you move quickly through the environment or provide extra support for your allies. Abilities like Run and Dash or Whirlwind can make life much easier for you and your party members. And finally, always keep in mind which enemies


. Located on a steep cliff overlooking a valley, the Abandoned Temple felt like it belonged in another world entirely. While exploring, we came across an inscription that mentioned “The Seven Eyes of Argus.” Unable to resist finding out what this could possibly mean, we headed back down to explore further.
As it turned out, Discarded Phalanx Core was the lair of Argus the Unmaker, who had been terrorizing the locals for years. After dispatching him and his minions, we were able to return peace and safety to the valley below.

What is a Discarded Phalanx Core?

A discarded phalanx core is an item found in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion. It is a useless piece of equipment that can be sold to a vendor for 1 .

Location of a Discarded Phalanx Core

Dropping a Phalanx Core in the Shadowlands rewards players with a hefty chunk of reputation with the Scryers. The core is located in the central chamber of the Ruins of Sargeras northeast of The Ebon Hold. Players need to be careful not to aggro any mobs while looting as they will all attack the player.


How to find a Discarded Phalanx Core in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

If you’re looking for a Discarded Phalanx Core in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, there are several ways to find one. The first way is to check the world map. If you’re near the Broken Shore, you’ll see a floating island with a group of undead pirates on it. The Discarded Phalanx Core is located on the ship below the undead pirates.

The second way to find a Discarded Phalanx Core is to explore the areas around the Broken Shore.


As the Discarded Phalanx Core begins to stir, it becomes clear that something is amiss in the Shadowlands. The machinations of the Dark Queen seem to be coming to a head, and as players venture into the heart of her dark domain, they will come across strange and dangerous creatures unlike any they have seen before.

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